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Naturopractic Consultant, Investigative Researcher, Broadcaster & Co-Author of The Red Pill Revolution.


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About Jeremy Ayres:

Jeremy Ayres: Naturopractic Consultant, Investigative Researcher, Broadcaster & Co-Author of The Red Pill Revolution.

Recognized by professionals and clients alike for his extensive knowledge and track record in helping people heal and become pain free.

For over 32 years (since 1990) Jeremy has helped thousands around the world, often from health issues where other professionals have said there is no help or hope.

Jeremy began his training at The British School of Osteopathy in 1990 before moving to the Northern Counties School of Osteopathy to train under the nationally esteemed osteopath, Harry Hawes. Harry was a healing genius who understood the classical philosophies and techniques and became Jeremy’s first mentor, recognizing in him a natural talent.

Graduating in 1994, Jeremy then studied naturopathy under the naturopathic genius, Barbara Wren, of The College of Natural Nutrition in Devon, where he moved to, again, to be mentored by Barbara, learning and gaining valuable insight into taking case histories and seeing dis-ease in all its manifestations and levels.

He was also invited to lecture in anatomy and physiology at The College of Natural Nutrition, which he did for two years. His abilities and proven work and methods were also recognized and awarded by The British Register of Complimentary Practitioners (now the International) for his work, and given the BRCPS title of Senior Practitioner of Physical Medicine in 2013.

Jeremy has spent his entire career researching the causes and remedies for man’s modern dis-eases, and is now internationally recognized as an expert in all aspects of cause and remedy.