Paula T - UK, , Joined April 2022

I started on the new moon in April 2022 and within the first 90 days had dropped 2 stone (12.5kg). More importantly, I’m 54 and all my issues which I put down to peri-menopause – inflammation, headaches and sleep problems – vanished. I now know they were mostly symptoms of toxicity.

It has been a big lesson, unlearning much of what I’d grown up being taught, while re-educating myself to the actual truth of the innate ability of my body to take care of me if I treat it right. 

It is not a protocol for the faint hearted; food recommendations are unpopular, eating windows are unsociable, fasting is recommended and some of the supplements can cause toxic releases, which are not just physical but emotional.  It can be hard.

It is not a weight-loss programme but a journey to sovereignty over your health and well-being and freedom from big pHarma! I have not completed my journey, I still have some trauma to release and I know this because my body is still reacting and releasing. But with the support of Doctor Jeremy and the group I know this is all completely normal and I can’t wait to see what other benefits are revealed.

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