Menopausal Blues

Jackie Jones, , Seattle, Washington

I heard about Dr. Jeremy Ayres on the CarnivoreCast podcast with the group called “The Human Unleashed” in May 2020. They talked about healing that can happen with natural solutions like aligning circadian rhythm with sunlight, earthing and more. I had been eating the Carnivore way for 5 months at that time and lowered my blood pressure, solved severe heart burn issues and had steady weight loss but was still suffering with hot flashes and menopause unless I remained on bio identical hormones. I have always felt that my body was not designed to need medications but every doctor told me “You’ll be on these meds for the rest of your life”. I refused to believe that but every time I tried to go off hormones, I’d get the horrible hot flashes again. Dr. Jeremy was the first doctor to say anything different! He said we can solve this but it may take up to a couple of years. It’s been nearly a year that I’ve been Dr. Jeremy’s patient and since going off all medications including the bio identical hormones and I am so much better. I still have hot flashes but they are very mild and not nearly as often. I sleep like I’ve NEVER slept before. Right now I’m getting more than 8 hours a night. I have never felt so good and refreshed when waking up as I do now. I love not needing medications to just “survive life” – I am thriving and living 100% authentically now. I look forward to how I’ll feel after 2 years of this! Thank you Dr. Jeremy for teaching me to trust my body and heal naturally! Nothing feels contrived or artificial. Life makes sense again!

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