Miracles CAN Happen!

Med J, , UK

“This might sound cliché but miracles do happen! What started in November 2017, as a common cold and a small “infection” my wife was prescribed (over three months) three different sets of antibiotics by our GP and in a short space of time was the beginning of 18 months of very poor health for her. During these 18 months she had 10 different investigations/X-Rays/consultations (so many tests that I have now lost count), more medication and in the end, they kept saying that they can’t find anything wrong with her and made her feel that nothing is wrong with her. They said to her to keep taking the medication! By now she had to give up her job and was unable to drive and was now walking with a walking stick, as she just could not bear the pain walking upright. She always felt tired, had to sleep a lot and was losing hope of ever being well again and just could not see an end to her pain. In addition to this her confidence had been knocked tremendously. Then Jeremy entered her life. After her initial Skype consultation, Jeremy made her see that she was Tox-sic!. Two days later, Jeremy came to see her and laid out a plan how he would treat her. In one weekend, the treatment she received from Jeremy allowed her to “bin” the walking stick. For the 1st time in 18 months she was able to walk up the stairs unaided and WITHOUT a walking stick and the pain that she had had for 18 months subsided completely. Three months has now passed, and she continues to have monthly treatments from Jeremy. Thanks to Jeremy she now has her life back and trying to make up for lost time. Jeremy’s ability to listen to her is what has made all the difference. His treatments have allowed her to get her life back on track. If you are unwell and cannot find the answers through the traditional methods and want to be well again, Jeremy can AND will help you. All you have to have is open mind and willing to introduce a little bit of change. Thank you Jeremy for giving my wife back to me and making her well again.”

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