Linda D - Aus, , Joined June 2022

I was a hefty 111.7kg when I found Dr Jeremy and the Maximise your Light protocol. I was at a point where I had no appetite and upon seeing the introduction video I felt this sounded great, especially the outcomes mentioned. It was ideal at the time as I felt I was eating for the sake of it. Now I have guidance on eating to heal.

I had a lot of joint pain, hands, shoulders, knees and back OA. I felt uncomfortable. I also had a skin condition related to my liver.

I had dieted from the age of 9-30. After giving up dieting, I blossomed up to 120kg. After divorcing 21 years ago, I only ever managed to get down to 105kg. So anything mentioning the word “diet” I was not interested in, but this being a protocol to heal my body, that made perfect sense to me. I respected what Dr Jeremy had to say as he told it like it is and that’s exactly how I am and I appreciate the truth, no matter how tough it may be to hear at times.

At first, the protocol seemed overwhelming with A LOT of pages of info. However, I just integrated everything as I ordered and received each product! The initial detox and giving up coffee 🤪 was a challenge. I layed on the couch for a few days, nursing a headache and some nausea, but that passed and my energy began to increase. Then there was the support of all the other members on the telegram chat group, who have a wealth of knowledge and experience. It was so comforting that I could turn to them for advice and support🙌❤️ And Dr J answered my pleas for help also🙏🏻

The weight began to fall off me. I absolutely enjoyed eating carnivore as I love meat. The fat took a bit of getting used to as I was raised on low fat and sugar supplements for most of my life. OMAD was easy for me as I had experienced intermittent fasting along my way, as for fasting for 3 days straight… That was challenging initially. I told myself I just need to get thru today. Now I look forward to fasting.

The electrolight drink is great as I know it is good for my body and now plain water tastes funny, lol.

Well, 90 days later and I am 17.6kgs lighter (94.1kg), I have so much energy, I move well, I have no joint pain anymore 😊 my skin condition has faded (work in progress). I feel great, I had to buy new clothes ( such a shame lol). The thing that means a lot to me is I am now lighter than I have been in 28+ years and feeling the best I have felt in my whole life.

I am continuing the protocol with an organic coffee a day, I absolutely love what this has done for me and I am proud of my commitment to me and to my own healing. I am eternally grateful to Dr Jeremy & the group members for their love and support.

“IF IT’S TO BE IT’S UP TO ME” ~ Robert Schuller
Thank you from my whole heart Jeremy 🙏🏻❤️

Kartra P1