David B, , Barbados

For the last two years I was experiencing pain in my lower back and hips due to what I think was a serious fall and being hit from the rear in my vehicle. I was told by a medical doctor that it was sciatica that was causing the pain. I was given a muscle relaxant and told to do various exercises like swimming and walking etc. I did. However, the pain was still there so I went to an acupuncturist for a series of treatments, this did not help! So I tried a chiropractor, I got some relief but the pains were back again and manifested itself in other parts of my body. This pain was of and on for a while so I had seen the sign for the Pain Free Clinic months ago as I walked by Enterprise Coast road when I go walking for my daily exercise. I said I must try this place to see I they could help me because on Monday 13th May 2014 the pain was unbearable . I am happy to say they did. The initial consultation was very good and accurate and what was identified that was causing the pain was shocking. My right hip, shoulders, and spine were all out of alignment. I had an idea that something was not right with my right hip because it hurt more than the left hip. Once I got my first treatment I felt so different and the pain is fast disappearing I feel a whole lot better now. What I also like about the clinic is that they educate you on total health.So far I have recommended the Pain Free Clinic to so many people already and will continue to recommend it to everyone I know that may have a health problem.

Kartra P1