Trish L - UK, , Joined June 2022

Whilst searching for a way to help my husband heal his health I came across Dr Jeremy’s protocol and I decided we should both do it so I could support him along the way. After the first few weeks, I had a severe detox and felt awful for about 2 weeks. Dr Jeremy assured me it was all part of the process and I continued on.

I cannot believe how much this has transformed my life. I have SO much more energy than I can have imagined, have an overall feeling of well-being and I am the weight I was when I was 20. I used to suffer from asthma and regularly had to use inhalers; I realised recently I haven’t used them in months. I am almost 5 months in and definitely won’t go back as I now realise this was training me for a new way of life.

The community in the group is just wonderful and very supportive and every day I learn something new. I’m totally hooked and will never stop shouting out about this whenever I can! I can’t thank Dr Jeremy enough.

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