Lisa, , Barbados

Thank you THANK YOU!! After years of suffering with dizziness, and thousands of dollars to the best doctors locally and abroad, and being told that she had vertigo and had to learn to live with it, as there is no cure, I am so pleased to report that after just 5 weeks of visiting your clinic, my Mum is a NEW human!! She says she feels alive again, and can function normally again! She no longer spends entire days as a prisoner in a recliner chair, but she feels well enough to cook, sweep and even return to the gym. She is even talking about driving her car again! The dizziness and fear that she had a brain tumor that was not being found, which was crippling her, has dissipated, for after all, feeling so ill every day something had to be wrong! Well something was wrong, she was dehydrated to cell level and full of toxins – she is well on her way to recovery – but even if no more progress is made going forward – my Mum, who had NO quality of life, is ALIVE again – Her own words!!! I know that every day can not be a good day at her age, but at least I have the comfort of knowing that she will ENJOY a quality of life that will bring her some joy for the time she has left in this world! Thank you Jesus for introducing me to Jeremy, and at a time when I was desperate to help my MUM, as this left me open to new ideas!! Thank you Jeremy for giving me my Mum back!!!

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