Esther N - CAN, , Joined Aug 2022

First of all, I need to express my deepest gratitude to Jeremy. I started my journey on this way of eating 3 months ago and I am extremely grateful for all the positive changes already happening and for the knowledge I am receiving. I was vegan/plant based for 3 years, prior to this. Before that, I was following on and off a ketogenic diet as I was also coaching, educating healthcare professionals and patients about the ketogenic diet. I became vegan thinking I was doing an amazing thing for my health. Initially it seemed that way…until it didn’t.

After about 1 year of being vegan, I started to have more and more issues, flair-ups, so when I came across the conversation between Mark and Jeremy, (I don’t believe in coincidences), I knew I had to pay attention and needed to know more and give it a try. I have to admit, I was very skeptical. I mean I was vegan, and “knowledgeable” about nutrition since I had been studying it in the last 23 years because medication and symptom management was not an acceptable option for me. Well, it was almost shocking how much information I never heard about before and certainly not the way Jeremy is teaching it.

Now I have no doubt that I will be able to solve and keep under control my issues and if anything else should surface, I know I can count on Jeremy’s incredible knowledge, intuition and support to teach me how to heal myself.

My list of challenges: arthritis, diverticulosis, hypothyroidism, carpal tunnel, trigger finger, sleeping issues, dry skin, huge amount of hair loss while vegan, some extra weight. Pretty much all of it is gone already or on its way to being solved. I’ve even managed to start practicing yoga. I needed half a day before just to feel half human, never mind to be able to exercise. Healing is sometimes a bumpy road, but it is a beautiful, individual journey and growth.

I am extremely grateful for this knowledge and also to be part of a support group where we can share and discuss related topics in a safe environment without judgment.

Thank you with gratitude and love

Kartra P1