WHO Made The Zombies & Was Stephen King’s Cell a Documentary?

by | Oct 5, 2023

WHO Made The Zombies & Was Stephen King’s Cell a Documentary?

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Question: When is a conspiracy, not a conspiracy theory? When there are numerous facts, those annoying little buggers that get in the way of nefarious narratives. At the time of writing this blog, we – meaning many critical thinkers who refuse to accept ANY narrative as an unquestionable source of truth and accuracy – are avidly watching what will – or won’t (at least not immediately) – occur once the October 4th Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) is broadcasted to every ‘SMART’ phone in North America.

Cynics would argue this is a good thing and that technology has made us safer and more informed, but this is no ordinary EBS, by all accounts. The FEMA website states that the EBS broadcast from 2:20 PM – 4:20 PM EST is expected to be a series of tones and frequencies. And I quote:

To help ensure that these alerts are accessible to the entire public, including people with disabilities, a unique tone and vibration accompany the alerts.

* [FEMA PRESS RELEASE] FEMA and FCC Plan Nationwide Emergency Alert Test for Oct. 4, 2023:


How interesting or considerate? Considerate because our deaf and blind friends are also scared witless as they are startled by this sudden interruption to their day, and why should they miss out on all the fun, right? It is interesting because Pavlov of ‘Pavlov’s Dogs’ used sound to manipulate the autonomic nervous system.

* [PEER-REVIEWED ARTICLE] Pavlov’s Dogs Experiment And Pavlovian Conditioning Response:


Of course, sound has been used for decades in advertising; think of jingles, for example, which is modern-day psychological manipulation, as documented brilliantly in The Century of Self by Adam Curtis.

* [VIDEO] “The Century Of Self” – Full Documentary:


However, the internet is ablaze with serious comments that the ‘unique tone and vibration’ accompanying the EBS could be for far more sinister motives and to activate foreign biotechnology particulates that were injected into people who took the jib-jab. Before you cry ‘tin-foil hat quack,’ let’s look at the evidence.

Despite ‘fact-checkers’ on social media and unyielding denial from systemic ‘experts’ that any toxic substance or toxin exists in the Con-vid- jib-jabs. The evidence continues to pour in that very suspicious, known biotechnology has been in – at least – some or all of the jib-jabbs used to ‘vaccinate’ the frightened public. Certainly not the ones the ‘authorities’ tested and claimed to be safe & effective, though. Hence why, they can make such assured claims against such speculations and claims. But the evidence suggests it to be true for those manufactured and injected into people worldwide during the alleged COVID-19 pandemic.

We are possibly dealing with gradients of these nano-biotechnology-pollutants, amounting to what may reveal itself as an unknowing game of Russian Roulette with the shot. The issue is that we don’t know what is in the bullet and how many bullets were shot. There are many postulations, but other than Graphene Oxide, we are still in murky, intellectually enquiring waters.

Let me update you briefly for those for whom this is all news to them. Graphene Oxide is a Biotechnology and medicine currently and allegedly used for cancer treatment, drug delivery, and cellular imaging. They also have magnetic and unique physiochemical properties, and their allotropic structure allows them to be used in various biological fields, including gene and small molecular drug delivery.

Further, Graphene oxide can also be used to conduct heat and electricity on the surface of devices that need to receive or emit light freely. Graphene coatings are used on digital displays, solar panels, and luminescent light sources due to their thinness, transparency, and conductivity.

I ask the dear reader to note those words in bold. Graphene Oxide is:

  • A drug delivery system
  • Magnetic Qualities. Remember all the videos and posts of magnets sticking to people posting the jib-jab?
  • Unique physiochemical properties. Definition of physiochemical is a term that refers to the study of physiological chemistry. It refers to the chemical processes that occur in the body to regulate bodily functions. Nothing to concern ourselves with there, then?
  • Gene and small molecular drug delivery. Huh?! I kid you not.
  • Conducts heat and electricity and conductivity! What could possibly go wrong?

But it’s not in the jib-jabs, right? The system experts from every country have been adamant about this, as have the faceless Pfizer-paid trained fact-checkers used on social media. Surely we can trust them, right? NO!!!

* [ARTICLE] From The National Pulse: Pfizer Is a Facebook Fact-Checker?


Despite their protestations of ‘fake news’ and ‘misinformation,’ to name but a few mud-slinging terms used against anyone not agreeing with them, it turns out that the conspiracy nuts were correct, AGAIN! This seems to be a consistent trend, and perhaps the term they prefer to be known as is more accurate, as simply independently minded critical thinkers. Their opposing cry is at those who want to deny evidence, due process, and a level playing field for open discussions by naming them ‘evidence deniers.’ However, I digress.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), under the order of Federal Judge Mark Pittman, confirmed the possibility of toxic Graphene Oxide (GO) in the COVID vaccines.

Read that again.

Below is the document and link to this report.

* PDF Download:


* Source:


I know liars lie, so when they say there is ‘no evidence,’ they talk about THEIR science and studies. If a grand conspiracy has been perpetrated, a crime against humanity so heinous people cannot fathom it is even possible, those directly guilty will continue to lie and direct their subordinates to either do the same or ‘trust the science.’ Currently, there are COVID inquiries, for example. Frankly, it is like asking the criminals of a crime to investigate themselves. Oh wait, they do/did.

* Here is the UK’s example:


I wonder what they will discover, eh?

So, the evidence for the presence of Graphene Oxide biotechnology in the jib-jabs seems overwhelming amongst the silenced and ignored scientists, doctors, journalists, and citizen researchers (all cast aside under one label of ‘conspiracy theorists,’ ‘fake news and ‘disinformers’). At the same time, the FDA admits its presence is a possibility!

An interesting change of events and facts, wouldn’t you say? Not unlike the original claims worldwide, and repeated continuously by every country and their media, that the jib-jab was 100% safe and effective, and if you took the shot, you would:

  • Not catch Covid-19
  • Not die from Covid-19
  • Not spread or kill Granny or Grandad with Covid-19
  • And that if you didn’t ‘choose’ to be jib-jabbed, you were a criminal who should be denied all customary rights that good people had previously enjoyed. Including, but not excluding, access to public facilities, including hospitals, the workplace, shops and supermarkets, and travel.

I honestly believe many still believe this blatant lie, that Bill Gates and Fauci – to name the tips of a poisonous iceberg – now have u-turned on these claims. See this 15-minute video to remind you of the relentless barrage of psychological pressure and manipulation initially unleashed upon people who – mostly – had no idea even to question the authorities, TV, and media at the time.

* [VIDEO COMPILATION] All these journalists, scientists, and politicians belong on the defendants’ bench, because their behavior has caused harm to millions:


Before we even entertain the above information further, let’s look at some of the tragically unusual events since the jib-jab role out. I’ll begin with the unprecedented number of athletes who have died suddenly. These highly unusual deaths of young, fit, in their prime athletes are literal ‘flies in the ointment’ that something is wrong with these jib-jabs. The term ‘died suddenly’, a frequent headline worldwide, became a significant Google Trend, with a massive spike in search term usage since the jib-jabs began

Here are just a few documented athletes’ deaths:


…and here:


…and here:


Tucker Carlson – probably why he was sacked from Fox – brought more people’s attention to this ‘phenomenon’ in one of his Fox broadcasts, where he points out that previous years had seen about 29 cardiac arrests a year in American athletes. Since the COVID-19 jib-jabbs, there have been over 1500, with over 2/3rds fatal!

* [VIDEO REPORT] Tucker Carlson “Dramatic Increase In Young Athletes Collapsing”: 


Athlete collapses and deaths chart from 1st January 2021 to 31st August 2023. Good Sciencing.

And it’s not just the athletes that we know were jib-jabbed or they couldn’t play; it is actors, TV personalities, journalists, comedians, and many were out-spoken critics of anyone challenging anything COVID-19 mainstream narrative, especially if they labelled you an anti-vaxer. At least these are the people who make the ‘news.’ You may recall how many of these collapsed on stage or while on live TV!

Concurrently, some funeral directors and pathologists brave enough to speak up documented samples and blood clots the like they have never before seen post jib-jab roll-out. Perhaps most notably, John O’Looney (see, God has a sense of humour with that name) raised the alarm and kept ringing it very early on. His initial concerns arose after seeing that COVID-19-labeled deaths were almost exclusively old and seriously ill people who died from comorbidities but were labelled COVID-19  as the cause of death. He also saw this in younger cancer patients and even deaths directly resulting from trauma. They still marked COVID-19’s cause of death.

His obvious concern was that the collected and published data was incorrectly proving a ‘pandemic’ and scaring people into radically unhealthy behaviours and compliance was patently wrong! So much so that he followed his professional duty and wrote to the Chief Coroner of the UK. The reply was silence!

Once the jib-jabs rolled out, John (and many others) saw a dramatic increase in uncommon deaths that had NOT been witnessed during the alleged ‘pandemic.’ The total number of deaths during the ‘pandemic’ was less than the previous 5-years in the UK and similarly worldwide. You read that correctly. The ‘pandemic’ actually caused fewer deaths! However, as John noted and reported (and that recent data confirms), he did see a dramatic increase in fatalities, mainly younger people 40-50, but many much younger dying from cardiac issues and with these never-before-seen clots. His cries to be heard were met by deaf ears as most other funeral directors, whose business was now booming, huddled quickly away from any associations with him.

According to John O’Looney, many of the grieving family members were convinced the cause of death of their loved ones was attributed to the jib-jabb.

* [VIDEO] Funeral Director John O’Looney Shows Blood Clots From Autopsy: 


Ed Dowd further drops a devastating report on excess cardiovascular Deaths in the UK. What was initially an observation is now measurable: young people, in the prime of their lives, are dying at unprecedented rates. Ed Dowd, a former BlackRock portfolio manager and data analyst, has highlighted a concerning surge in cardiovascular deaths in the UK — and the numbers are alarming.

* [REPORT] Ed Dowd Drops Devastating Report On Cardiovascular Deaths In The UK:


But the clot thickens… I mean plot, of course; 😊 Todd Callender of Vaxchoice claims that many more scientists are looking into the jib-jabs that do contain lipid-nano-particles that are Biotechnology that can swell and release their ‘payload’ if exposed to 18ghz frequencies! This happens to be the frequency chosen for satellite internet.

* [FEDERAL PRESS RELEASE] “Redesignation of the 18 GHz Frequency Band, Blanket Licensing of Satellite Earth Stations in the Ka-band, and the Allocation of Additional Spectrum for Broadcast Satellite-Service Use”:


I will add here that sound frequency has long been deployed as a weapon and certain sounds can evoke physiological responses.



Again, the data is clear for all to see. That is unless the data points to severe issues, possible crimes, and guilt. Then the data is bogus, misinformation, and aggressively rejected, and the messenger’s credibility – at best, cancelled, and at worst, worse!

In Stephen King’s Cell movie, a frequency was broadcast to people’s mobile phones that turned them first into suicidal violent maniacs, and then those that survived this into zombie-like drones—ashen white and drained of soul, marching in rhythmic zombotic fashion around the broadcasting antennae.

* [VIDEO] The end scene of Stephen King’s “The Cell”:


Though I am not expecting an immediate zombie apocalyptic event, I would argue that the lack of critical thinking and compliance we already have seen by the masses suggests we are already in one. However, I find it interesting that they have a zombie apocalypse preparedness paper.

* [ACTUAL CDC PUBLICATION] “Preparedness 101; Zombie Pandemic”: 


Yes, they claim it’s all just good fun, but they also ran pandemic preparedness JUST before the ‘pandemic,’ right?

* [NOV 2019] “Pandemic simulation exercise spotlights massive preparedness gap”:


My grave concern, as well as my colleagues and the people we follow, is that something(s) in the jib-jabs and now human beings, and it isn’t positive! MANY of them could be literal ticking time bombs. If the mounting, even overwhelming evidence is not enough to convince you that pretty much everything ‘they’ said and broadcasted was wrong or misleading, which has led to untold death and suffering. Further, that ‘trust the science’ is an oxymoron where the very basis of science is to attack the current science until we get closer to …well, the science.

The ‘conspiracy theorists’ continue to frequently be ‘right again’ and justifiably right to be at least suspicious of the intents of our authorities, institutions, corporate interests, and anything from or near the WHO, WEF, and Agenda 2030. We all should be wary by default, as those with nothing to hide need not fear scrutiny. We can no longer rely on journalists or the media, as they have clearly shown they are simply repeaters, worldwide, of any main narrative being promoted at the time by said bodies.

Agenda 2030, in case you don’t know, and you should, is the nefarious, sleekly written, and marketed agenda that every government has signed up to. Touted as the Global Plan for sustainable growth and future for mankind, it is, in fact, a wolf in sheep’s clothing and a suicide plan for mankind, and everything we’ve known as ‘normal’ will no longer be ‘normal.’

For the WEF & WHO, it is their wet dream, the ‘New Normal’ and Great Reset, where you will own nothing and be happy.

They, on the other hand, will own everything.

* [VIDEO] “You will OWN NOTHING, and you will be HAPPY” by Douglas Kruger: 


Do remember that the WHO, an unelected NGO organization that many believe, such as Katherine Watt who presents the evidence that public health has been militarized and that the WHO, as a front for the WEF, is a soft-attempt in nudging the old chestnut, aka, World Government.

* [VIDEO] Katherine Watt: In Her Own Words “Public Health Has Been Militarized”:


Before you sigh and utter the words ‘not the bloody NWO nonsense again,’ consider this. The WHO recently failed to get agreement from all the nations to be in charge of their Nation if ‘another pandemic’ breaks out. Of course, they will do it for ‘Global Public Health’ reasons and be at the helm of biosecurity.

* [EU PRESS RELEASE] “An international agreement on pandemic prevention and preparedness”: 


They continue to lobby for this agreement, which effectively would give them unelected and unparalleled power if ‘another pandemic’ (not that COVID-19 was one by true data) occurs again. Now, what are the chances of that? Well, smirking, Bill & Melinda are as confident of the next one as they were setting up Event 201, a pandemic response simulation ‘just’ before COVID-19 hit the shelves.

* [VIDEO] Bill Gates says the next Pandemic “will get attention this time”:


You may also recall a TED talk by Billy-Go-Gates, the man who made the word ‘virus’ synonymous with infection and pathological, stating ‘if we do a really great job, with new vaccines, health systems & reproductive health services, we can get that number (population) down by 10%-15%

* [VIDEO] Bill Gates – Population – Vaccines:


Coincidentally, Klaus Schwab published a Global Changing Book ‘Covid-19: The Great Reset’ shortly after the’ pandemic’ began. Imagine how brilliant this man must be to come up with all those literally world-changing plans in such a short time. No doubt the lockdowns gave him some valued time to busy himself at his laptop. He states:

“The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, re-imagine, and reset our world” – Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum.  



Musings aside, we MUST remember the premise of this blog. Never before has such unilateral pressure been applied to people to change their behaviours and conform, rather than lawful, informed consent, to having experimental mRNA & biotechnological drug technology injected into their bodies unknowingly. The evidence seems overwhelming of the harm and death that has resulted and continues to grow.

Many of the members of my 90-day challenge and private members club at https://members.jeremyayres.com/NBWJA-Challenge, though anecdotal, have shared many harrowing and real stories of sudden deaths and catastrophic health declines in their families, friends, and work colleagues post-jib-jab. My mother and father rapidly declined in mental and physical health, with my mother suffering a ‘clot’ in her arm before dying from a massive stroke some months later.

The evidence continues to mount that whatever truly is in people may be ‘activated’ by frequencies, tones, and perhaps other external signals, like EMFs, and unlike The Cell, it will catalyze a slow burn of destruction and irreparable change. The concern is this will be an ‘opportunity’ to invent the ‘next pandemic’ as people’s health catastrophically fails for all to see. It would only take the compliant media to market the new invisible viral illness, as ordinary folk would actually be seeing sick people this time. They would undoubtedly ‘trust the science’ and be even more aggressive towards those trying to get them to THINK, and shepherd them to safer fields.

However, I remain ever confident we are witnessing the mass awakening of humanity. Though there have been – and will continue to be – many tears shed before this… whatever this is, is over, it is clear many more eyes have put on their “They Live” sunglasses and are now looking, watching, recording, and remembering!

Fact-Check that.








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