Help to heal from cancer

Erna Gjerde, , Norway

I first heard Dr. Jeremy Ayres speak at a carnivore health summit in Spain, May 2019. I was impressed then by his wide view of how to heal body and mind. I did not know that when sitting there, I had a tumor growing slowly in my bladder. Later in october, same year, I was faced with my growing worry ; Something is really wrong! Diagnosed and then surgery, the next step was to undergo treatment with BCG (Bacillus tuberculosis) instillations in the bladder for three years to prevent a new tumor. This treament has been used as a standard of care for 40 years and still nothing better and safer have been found. I was shocked and knew that this was not to be my choice. When I got in contact with Dr. Jeremy Ayres, though Phil Escott, I emidiately knew I needed to work with him for a whole year. It is impossible to describe in a few words the work he guided me through during this year. He gave me a protocol to work from and our talks helped me realise how I lost my health and also how to work with myself to get it back. It is important to tell that the healtcaresystem in my country totally respected my decision and that I have still no signs of new tumors growing. I can not imagine any other person who could have given me a better help to heal, and I could never ever have done this on my own. From the bottom om my heart, forever grateful for the work you are doing. Kind regards from Norway

Kartra P1