Saved My Life!

Tom Hanson, , California

Dr Jeremy saved my life. Two years ago, I had a very serious and acute health issue. I reached out to Dr Jeremy. He took an extensive medical history and wrote a specific protocol to address the underlying problems. During the first month, this involved water fasting several days per week and 100% carnivorous feasting on the days he recommended I eat. My symptoms were very intense during the first month but Dr Jeremy’s hand-holding and experience dealing with serious health issues gave me confidence that it was all the result of my body doing the work that needed to be done. As he said many times, “Your body literally doesn’t know how to work against you!” After 6 weeks, my health had taken a major turn for the better. As we worked longer, we addressed other issues which accelerated the healing even further. And to think, the docs at the hospital told me there were no solutions except to have surgery and remove body parts….they were 100% wrong. Dr Jeremy knows what he’s doing!

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