Ron W - Indonesia, , Joined Feb 2022

Having worked in the fitness and diet industry for over 35 years, I was sceptical of the information and of the program. Well, we have all been fed a lie about everything, so I thought I sit back and wait the 6 weeks, plateau faze and see who fell off the bandwagon.

Then, boom on Feb 14th, I decided to treat myself to a Valentines present and I joined MTL.

I immersed myself in the Q&A’s, as I wanted to learn from first-hand experiences and Jeremy’s wisdom that went against the Pharma, was the key to my healing journey.

I went full carnivore and after a month of lethargy, which wasn’t too demanding, as I knew how to de-excite the nervous system, by doing light exercises as opposed to HITT or long boring bouts of cardio. What has really helped, is Chi and Meditation, coupled with stretching.

The program is great for letting light into the body, so the physical body has to be congruent with this. Protecting our lifeforce avoids stress and burnout. When I found this balance it was a win win for me.

The community is great and everyone encourages the newbies and the bi-weekly Zoom calls are a breath of fresh air, it’s totally unrehearsed, spontaneous and so informal, it can get quite emotional at times, but its great for sharing your issues and getting first-hand experience from Dr J.

This by far is the best protocol I have followed, I have recommend the group to many of my friends, but they are very sceptical as there are still part of the program, go hard, go home.

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