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1. To expend money, time or effort with the expectation of achieving a beneficial result.


“You are not SICK. You are TOX-$ICK” – Jeremy Ayres

– Access to valuable knowledge the corporate medical system ignores-

– Simple and effective healing protocols

– A “people over profits” approach to health and healing

– A vibrant community of people sharing experience, asking questions and supporting each other towards optimum health and wellness

– Direct access to Jeremy Ayres and other brilliant health & wellness professionals

– Increased vitality and energy

– The knowledge and experience to TAKE CONTROL over your own health & wellness



Live Sunday Zoom sessions arranged AM & PM on alternate weeks to cater to our international audience.

Join Jeremy & the team, meet our community, learn from other members’ questions or ask your own.

All Q&A sessions archived for on-demand viewing and reference.


Includes the 55-part video series “The First 90 Days” to help you understand the protocol, plus all past Q&A sessions as well as the “Epic VLOG” series in which Jeremy Ayres, Graeme Norbury & guest experts explore the healing concepts in more depth.


Join our vibrant international community of fellow members who are there to support you on your journey through healing. Find an “accountability buddy”. Meet our Activators. Take part in Member activities. You’ll instantly have new friends and a worldwide perspective!


Find & discuss information on diet and lifestyle to help your body truly heal, and stay strong & fit.

Includes what to eliminate from your diet for fast results and how to support your healing with new, simple & free daily practices anyone can adopt.


Explore our searchable library containing 100s of books, videos, research papers & reports.

A valuable treasure trove of information available to all members.

Arm yourself with the knowledge to fully understand and support your health & wellness journey.


Mental & emotional health are finally being recognized by mainstream doctors as a key component of overall health & well-being. This truth is a key pillar of the Naturally Better philosophy. Our protocols contain guidance, information & support to ensure a healthy and resilient mind & spirit to help you better navigate anxiety and stress.

Access to epic VLOG episodes such as these:

“Your body doesn’t know how to work against you!”Jeremy Ayres

Is the Naturally Better 90-Day Protocol right for YOU?

This IS for you if:

– You are seriously ready to take on the responsibility of your own health sovereignty. Stop giving the responsibility of your healthcare to corporations that value profits over people.

– You are prepared to unlearn everything you think you know about health. Corporate institutional narratives have been purposely deceptive, dishonest and misleading.

– You want to work with evidence-based solutions that truly heal and have helped thousands.

– You are truly ready to trust your body and acknowledge it’s many messages telling you exactly what it wants and what it doesn’t.

This is NOT for you if:

– You are convinced the Allopathic medical system (mainstream, corporate doctors and hospitals) is effective, true and has your best interests and safety as it’s objective.

– You believe mainstream, corporate “science” has been consistently honest, factual and responsible practitioners of traditional scientific discipline.

– You blindly follow what the doctors tell you, and are happy to continue swallowing endless pharmaceutical prescriptions.

– You’re comfortable trusting today’s corporate medical system with the responsibility of your own health, lifestyle and diet


Naturally Better is the result of a personal covenant made between UK-based Naturopractic pioneer, Dr. Jeremy Ayres and US-based Content Producer/Industry Strategist, John Gusty.

Both men bonded over the never-ending pursuit of truth, balance and resonance in all areas of life. Both men helped co-author the popular 2021 book “The Red Pill Revolution” where they realized the exciting potential of devoting the rest of their lives to producing content and information that advances positivity, understanding and well-being.

The ongoing goal of Naturally Better is to build a network family of good people, doing good things for honorable reasons. In doing so, Naturally Better hopes to be a significant contributor to a new, worldwide approach to healthcare that truly serves the best interests of each individual human.

By working together, sharing information, relating experiences and allowing honest, open conversation… true and actual advancements in health and general well-being are actually possible.

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Meet Tim Laurence. Devoted family man and husband to his lovely wife Trish.

The Laurence’s have been beloved members of the Naturally Better community since Tim had a life-changing stroke in August of 2021. Tim’s significant health challenges became a very important and personal priority for Jeremy Ayres, resulting in a beautiful friendship forming between the Laurence family and the Ayres family.

Unfortunately, Tim succumbed to his health challenges in late 2023.

Tim’s passing significantly touched the Naturally Better community. He was a benchmark of a human being. Someone everyone admired and respected. His smile, strong character, dog-eared determination and dedication to whatever he was doing was infectious. Tim was passionately devoted to the Naturally Better vision, and it was one of his final wishes to see that Naturally Better grows and thrives.

Tim Laurence was truly remarkable man. Naturally Better will always operate in the very same spirit that Tim lived his life by.

Naturally Better will continue to think big, focus on other people’s problems and obsess on finding solutions. Just like Tim would’ve done.

In Tim’s honor, Naturally Better will be selecting one very special individual each year to receive a gift of scholarship that will allow them the skills and knowledge to help others to heal, thrive and live a Naturally Better life.

You can find out more about Tim Laurence and the Naturally Better Tim Laurence Scholarship by clicking HERE.


*Download these FREE GUIDES loaded with valuable information and knowledge!

The Anti-Dependency Guide:

Packed fully of really interesting facts and knowledge that even the most skeptical will find intriguing. 10 aspects of life that most of us have the ability to adjust and be more in-control of our health, or self, our possessions & property.

Post-Vaccination Detox Protocol:

If you or someone you care about have take any of the experimental injections related to the COVID narrative, this protocol guide contains critical, useful and information necessary if you are to begin giving your body a chance to heal from the damage.


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We absolutely stand by our philosophies – after over 30 years of practicing them – and witnessing their power to help people heal themselves.


We also stand by the fundamental truth that YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT.

To the very best of our knowledge and intent, The information, protocols, services and products we offer can only serve to educate, nourish, restore and support health and healing. This very fact enables the body to self-heal, which is how it was designed by our Creator – sometimes known as God.

To the best of our knowledge, the Creator does not make mistakes.

We currently still occupy a world of massive deceit and deception with very large powers and interests who have done everything in their powers – legal and not-legal – to suppress this knowledge from their fellow man and literally keep them sick and tired so that they become dependent upon non-nourishing foods, chemicals in so-called food, stimulants and the like as well as toxic pharmaceutical drugs.

The facts are that the 10 Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies’ combined profits equal more than the remaining 490 corporations added together.

So, we are talking $ beyond most people’s comprehension. If we think critically and ask ourselves what kind of client the Pharmaceutical Industry needs, the answer is obvious… SICK ONES!! How do we make people sick? We poison them or substantially de-nourish them.

Need we say any more when we look at so-called food today compared to 50 or more years ago?

We stand by these truths, but whilst there are entities that continue to try and stop their fellow-man from thriving by all manner of means, we must issue standard disclaimers.

Many good doctors, practitioners of natural medicine and true scientists have fallen prey to an unjust legal system. These brave souls prove what happens to those – though this is now changing – that dare show the world that they can help people heal themselves from chronic and serious dis-ease.

The condition commonly known as Cancer – for example – accounts for 70% of the profits of Big Pharma.

THINK! If Big Pharma make 70% of their profits from the so-called Cancer Industry, do you think that they want more cancer or less cancer?

Getting the picture yet?

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