The Tim Laurence Naturally Better Scholarship

“Gaining the knowledge to help others heal, thrive and live a Naturally Better life.”

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Meet Tim Laurence.

Devoted family man and husband to his lovely wife Trish.

The Laurence’s have been beloved members of the Naturally Better community since Tim had a life-changing stroke in August of 2021. Tim’s significant health challenges became a very important and personal priority, resulting in a beautiful friendship forming between the Laurence and Ayres families.

Unfortunately, Tim succumbed to his health challenges in late 2023.

Tim’s passing significantly touched the Naturally Better community.

He was a benchmark of a human being. Someone everyone admired and respected. His smile, strong character, dog-eared determination and dedication to whatever he was doing was nothing short of infectious.

Tim was passionately devoted to the Naturally Better vision, and it was one of his final wishes to see the Naturally Better brand and community grow and thrive.

Tim Laurence was truly a remarkable man.

And its Tim’s example that inspires Naturally Better to always operate in the very same spirit that Tim lived his life by… passionately thinking big, with a focus on other people’s problems and an obsession with finding solutions. Just like Tim would’ve done.


The Tim Laurence Naturally Better Scholarship:

In Tim’s honor, Naturally Better will be selecting one very special individual at the beginning of each Coaching Certification school year to receive a gift of scholarship that will allow them to learn the skills and knowledge to help others to heal, thrive and live a Naturally Better life.

*Naturally Better Coaching Certification classes begin every March and September and run the length of a standard academic school year.

These gifts of scholarship are intended for individuals who’s true calling is to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to – as previously mentioned – help others to heal, thrive and live a Naturally Better life.

If you are interested in submitting an application for scholarship consideration, you can do so by filling out the form below and clicking the SUBMIT APPLICATION button.


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We absolutely stand by our philosophies – after over 30 years of practicing them – and witnessing their power to help people heal themselves.


We also stand by the fundamental truth that YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT.

To the very best of our knowledge and intent, The information, protocols, services and products we offer can only serve to educate, nourish, restore and support health and healing. This very fact enables the body to self-heal, which is how it was designed by our Creator – sometimes known as God.

To the best of our knowledge, the Creator does not make mistakes.

We currently still occupy a world of massive deceit and deception with very large powers and interests who have done everything in their powers – legal and not-legal – to suppress this knowledge from their fellow man and literally keep them sick and tired so that they become dependent upon non-nourishing foods, chemicals in so-called food, stimulants and the like as well as toxic pharmaceutical drugs.

The facts are that the 10 Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies’ combined profits equal more than the remaining 490 corporations added together.

So, we are talking $ beyond most people’s comprehension. If we think critically and ask ourselves what kind of client the Pharmaceutical Industry needs, the answer is obvious… SICK ONES!! How do we make people sick? We poison them or substantially de-nourish them.

Need we say any more when we look at so-called food today compared to 50 or more years ago?

We stand by these truths, but whilst there are entities that continue to try and stop their fellow-man from thriving by all manner of means, we must issue standard disclaimers.

Many good doctors, practitioners of natural medicine and true scientists have fallen prey to an unjust legal system. These brave souls prove what happens to those – though this is now changing – that dare show the world that they can help people heal themselves from chronic and serious dis-ease.

The condition commonly known as Cancer – for example – accounts for 70% of the profits of Big Pharma.

THINK! If Big Pharma make 70% of their profits from the so-called Cancer Industry, do you think that they want more cancer or less cancer?

Getting the picture yet?

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