*via video teleconference (Skype, Zoom) or phone call

Initial one hour consultation to get an understanding of the current condition(s) and case history to determine the best, most effective steps and protocols necessary for effective healing and optimal results.

After your initial one-hour consultation session, you will be provided an evaluation of your current situation, useful and immediate “next steps” and a recommended protocol package best suited to accomplish your health and wellness goals.

*PLEASE NOTE: Once the consultation payment has been received, you will complete and submit a New Client Survey. Once the completed survey is received, a calendar link will then be provided that will enable the scheduling of a consultation in as soon as 7 days. In the event that an emergency consultation (sooner than 7 days) is required, there will be an opportunity to flag the consultation as an EMERGENCY during the scheduling process.


COST:  $315.00 USD (approx £255 – €290)


Learn from over 30 years of study and experience. Understand unique healing protocols and valuable knowledge. Become better versed in the healing arts and their application. Whatever your current level of knowledge and experience, a mentorship package can be tailored to suit you.

Package includes:

– One-hour case history consultation to get to know you, your level of knowledge and what you hope to achieve

– ONE 2-hour personal session per month. One-on-one with Jeremy Ayres. Part Q&A, part classroom. Tailored specifically to your goals.

– Structured documentation, lectures, reading & article recommendations to research that will advance you quickly in your understanding, by-passing many of the rabbit-holes, gimmicks and commercial distractions.

– NBWJA affiliation and commissions so you earn as you recommend to any of your associates and clients.

– Essential video and documentation

– Same-day support via PM (private msg)

– 24hr email support

– Naturally Better Certificate of Mentorship in Naturopractics

– 10% discount on all Naturally Better products

COST: $495/month (approx £411 – €465)

*We offer a 10% discount for quarterly payments and a 20% discount on annual payments.

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